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Recycling Solutions

End-to-end systems are our speciality.


Metal recycling 

We accept any scrap metal to be recycled. If you have any questions on the material that can be brought in, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Helps the environment 

By recycling your old metals, you are helping the environment tremendously. scrapping frees up space in landfills, eliminating the need for large metals being stored there. Recycled metal is easier to use than creating new which means less polution.

Material Purchase

We don't just recycle your material; we purchase your scrap and give you great competitive pricing. weight it up and get paid.

Reliable and Trustworthy

We strive to keep the upmost respect for our customers. We are a family owned and operated business that was started in 1991. Our employees are trained and certified to bring the best service to our customers. 


We buy a wide variety of different material here at Monster X Metal. Check below or call for more questions.


Gold, Silver, Catalytic converter 

We pay top market price for your gold, silver, and catalytic converters. Let one of our metal specialists check out your precious metals and give you a very generous quote.


Non- ferrous metals

Aluminum, Copper, Insulated copper, Brass, Electric motors, Sealed units, Radiators, and a lot more. 


Ferrous Metals 

We buy misc. scrap metal over our scale and we offer tub drop offs for the customers that have alot of material they need to get rid of.



We buy and pick up junk vehicles and pay cash. Get a fast easy quote from us and set up a free same day pick up. 

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